How can we promote this site?

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asked Aug 17, 2015 in Meta by Thomas (915 points)

The site has already been getting some attention on Twitter via the #openscience hashtag. What other ways can we try to bring new users into the site and get it some attention?

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commented Aug 17, 2015 by kenorb (425 points)
Until it's in private beta you can't promote it, as people without the invitation link won't able to access the site.

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answered Aug 17, 2015 by Zizouz212 (320 points)

Many sites have community blogs and twitter accounts that automatically pull well-received questions and tweets about them online. Here is an example:

An Aviation Twitter Thing

Generally, what they tweet is the question, a link, and a hashtag with the main tag assigned to the question.

These are basic items: they are generally pulled off by Stack Exchange.

What's interesting is the unique ways that sites promote themselves. You're first bet is to promote across the existing SE community. There are neat things called Community Ads. Graduated sites will have a post with the tag. This is a special tag: Any "answer" (an answer is an advertisement) that is voted up with a score of 6 or more will automatically be displayed in the sidebar of the site. Here's an example:

Check out the Area 51 Urban Planning Proposal!

That's a simple community ad that I've made to advertise an Area 51 proposal on other sites. Posted on GIS Meta, it's a neat way to share the word on sites that are related or with communities that hold an interest in this kind of stuff.

This is the time for a community to be creative: finding great ways to show off a community to the world. Find organizations, find other communities, use groups: If there is a tool available, use it!

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answered Feb 6, 2016 by Dilaton (100 points)

Thanks to Dimension10 from PhysicsOverflow, there is now a community promotion ad for OpenScience Q&A on PO

and on Academia SE

Please feel free to upvote them if you are registered on these sites and to suggest improvements of the ad Dimension10 has created as needed.

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answered Jun 14, 2017 by Christian Pietsch (270 points)

Last week I was in Athens, Greece, to attend the ELAG conference. Together with a colleague, I taught a workshop on Automatic quality feedback for inter-disciplinary research data management.

On the last day, I used the lunch break to meet three researchers from the OpenUP EU project on the adjacent campus. They are about to launch a new website called “OpenUp Hub” which shares many of the objectives of this Q&A site, and it is intended to remain online beyond the end of the OpenUP project. Their idea is to incorporate OpenScience Q&A as their FAQ section – simply by embedding it in an iframe. Users of this site will notice no change – except perhaps an influx of new users.

I assume this co-operation will be uncontroversial. Do correct me if I am wrong.

commented Jun 18, 2017 by Dilaton (100 points)
Ha, this seems cool !

Congratulations for arranging this cooperation.

Ask Open Science used to be called Open Science Q&A but we changed the name when we registered the domain Everything else stays the same: We are still hosted by Bielefeld University Library.

If you participated in the Open Science beta at StackExchange, please reclaim your user account now – it's already here!

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