How to host a open science website without hosting it as private person [within German legal regulations]?

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asked Oct 22 in Open Science by Titoschmi (10 points)
We have prepared an open science database project with a website. The project is not owned by a university,
and should not be hosted on a university server.
Are there suggestions on how to run such a website, while being not personally eligible for legal issues - in case any occur? Also it would be an aim to avoid having to publish your private home address in the impressum.  

Is it a reasonable solution to run the webpage as a private person / founding a non-profit company / founding a association (Verein)?

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answered Nov 2 by Christian Pietsch (270 points)
I do not think the law is interested in what your website is about (as long as it's not forbidden), and as a consequence, I do not see the relevance of your question for this Q&A collection.

I am not a lawyer, but as far a I know, private and non-commercial websites do not have to include an impressum in Germany, so you could just run your website as a private person without having to publish your postal address.
commented Nov 2 by Titoschmi (10 points)
Thank you very much for this response!
It seems true that private websites do not need to include an impressum in Germany.
However, it seems that websites with regular journalistic and editorial ("journalistische und redaktionelle") contents, need to have one. While it might be the case that by now there is no cases of an explicit legal decisions for "Open Science"-websites (regardles of how these are defined), but most of them will fulfill the criterion that there is regular editorial content. So I would assume that pretty much every such website needs a impressum.

Example-References for this information:

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